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How we se le your claim
Security measures
The following security measures are applicable to the following sec ons Home, Sec on 1, Contents, Sec on 2 and Fine arts, Sec on 4 unless otherwise stated:
Precau onary measures
If you declared precau onary measures at any  me during the period of insurance, or any such measure is a prerequisite for cover, you must ensure that these measures are in place and in working order at the  me of loss or damage for which a claim is submitted. If these measures are not adhered to we reserve the right to reject your claim.
○ Burglar bars and security gates
(If stated in the schedule as applicable)
– all opening windows, louvres and skylights must be protected by burglar bars
– security gates must be  tted to all exi ng doors, and must be locked when your home is le  unoccupied
or unattended.
○ Alarm system
– the alarm must be linked to a 24-hour armed-response service
– the alarm must be working properly
– it must be ac vated when your home is le  unoccupied or unattended
– you must change the generic code to your own unique code.
Note that your alarm system may be required to include an electric fence or outside alarm beams. This is described in your schedule as perimeter security.
The warranty will not apply should the alarm malfunc on due to a defect or circumstances unknown to or beyond the control of the insured.
The addi onal excess stated in the schedule will apply if the alarm malfunc ons due to a defect or circumstances unknown to you or beyond your control at the  me of the , attempted the  or burglary.
If you are unsure of which security requirement applies, please check your schedule.
If you live in a high-security complex
If your home is listed in the schedule as being in a high-security complex, then you must have the following security measures in place at all  mes, fully maintained and in working order:
○ 24-hour access control to the complex
○ a perimeter wall (minimum 1.8 metres high) with electric fencing, alarmed and linked to either a
24-hour armed-response service or the guardhouse
○ when your home is le  unoccupied:
– all windows must be closed and
– all doors leading outside must be locked.
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