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How we se le your claim
– When we authorise repairs to your motor vehicle we will:
• ensure the repair work is carried out properly
• use new parts or second-hand parts that are consistent with the age and/or condi on of your motor vehicle
• only use manufacturer-approved parts if your vehicle is under warranty (but not under an extended dealer or manufacturer’s warranty).
– When we repair your motor vehicle we will not:
• pay extra to repair your motor vehicle to a better standard, speci ca on or quality than what it
was in before the loss or damage
•  x a fault or defect in your motor vehicle that existed before the loss or damage occurred unless the fault or defect was due to repairs previously authorised by us
• pay for repairing pre-exis ng damage.
– Contribu on to repairs
• You might have to contribute to the cost of repairs as a result of the vehicle not being maintained, wear and tear, weather condi ons, rust or corrosion. We will determine how much you pay depending on how worn these items were when the damage happened.
• If you do not agree to pay these amounts, we will pay you out the amount determined to be the cost of repairs less any contribu on charges.
○ If your motor vehicle is a total loss
– Your motor vehicle becomes a total loss if it is stolen and unrecovered a er 14 days or when we decide it
is uneconomical, imprac cal or unsafe to repair.
– No payment will be made un l we are in possession of the  tle of the motor vehicle. Salvage becomes our property. You are required to render assistance to us to obtain the  tle and taking possession of the vehicle.
○ Personal property or caravan contents claims
If we agree to pay a claim for loss, the  or damage to your personal property or caravan contents, we will decide
if we:
– repair or replace it to the same condi on, standard and speci ca on it was in before the incident, or
– pay you what it would cost us to repair or replace it.
○ For all motor vehicles other than new vehicles
We will pay you the retail value or sum insured stated in your schedule whichever is the lesser, less any deduc ons that may apply.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 39

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