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How we se le your claim
We own the motor vehicle salvage
– When we replace your motor vehicle or pay you for the total loss, your motor vehicle salvage, including any unexpired registra on becomes our property.
– If we ask, you must provide your written consent to assist us to collect any unexpired registra on.
– If another party is en tled to the salvage of your motor vehicle, then we will pay you or them the sum insured, less our es mate of the salvage value and any excess. This could, for example, occur if you had purchased your motor vehicle not knowing it was used as security on a  nancial agreement involving the previous owner. This means the credit provider may be en tled to the salvage of your motor vehicle.
We reserve the right to establish the mileage on your vehicle at any  me. Where the annual mileage you agreed with us has been exceeded, your premium may be increased to that which applies to the higher mileage driven. If we become aware that the annual mileage has been exceeded at the  me of a claim, we may collect the higher premium from the start of the period of insurance and the addi onal premium will be deducted from the claim payment.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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