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Sec on 1 – Home
Speci c de ni ons to this sec on
○ Home: The building at the insured address including the outbuildings such as garages, guest cottages, domes c employees’ quarters, studios, stables, change rooms, garden sheds and greenhouses.
○ Home also includes:
– your or your tenant’s permanent  xtures,  t ngs and improvements such as:
•  xed wall coverings such as paint, wallpaper and wall  les
•  xed  oor coverings including  mber  oor coverings, carpets and  les
•  tted furniture and  tted appliances.
– electrical and gas appliances, light  t ngs if these appliances are permanently connected or plumbed to the electricity supply
– domes c  xed fuel tanks, rainwater tanks, solar power and water systems, water recycling systems and geysers up to the limit stated in the schedule
–  sh tanks/aquariums including their stands and cabinets that are  xtures
– keys or locks including the reprogramming of any alarms, electronic locks and/or security devices
– swimming pools including swimming pool pumps, saunas, spa baths, hot tubs, ornamental ponds,  sh ponds and fountains, permanently installed watering or irriga on systems
– garden lights and ligh ng systems
– underground water, gas and service pipes, cables, sewers and drains, domes c boreholes including pumps
you own or are legally responsible for
– terraces, pa os, hard tennis courts, paved driveways, footpaths constructed of brick or concrete
– glass doors, windows and sanitary ware, replacement of lettering or other ornamental work and alarm foil on glass
– radio and television aerials, satellite dishes, their  t ngs and masts
–  xed equipment:  xed  lters, pumps, gate and door motors,  re and burglar alarm systems, electric
fencing, generators, climate-control systems and air-condi oning plants.
○ Home does not include We do not pay for:
– –
in atable swimming pools or portable spas a hotel, motel or boarding house
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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