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Sec on 1 – Home
– water in:
• tanks
• swimming pools
• spas or any other water container,
unless speci cally provided for by this policy.
– loose or compacted soil, earth, gravel, pebbles, rocks or granular rubber (for example, sand on tennis courts or gravel driveways). We will, however, pay the cost to restore soil or earth to the extent that it is necessary to repair insured damage to your home
– earthen walls, earthen and gravel driveways and earthen structures
– dam walls
– piers, jet es, bridges and culverts.
○ Subsidence, landslip or ac ve soils
– Ac ve soils means soil that changes in volume in response to changes in moisture content, i.e. increase in
volume (heave or swell) upon wet ng and decrease in volume (shrink) upon drying out.
– Ground heave means the upward movement of soil suppor ng the building.
– Landslip means the sliding down of a mass of land. It is, in e ect, a small landslide and it typically occurs on a slope.
– Settlement means normal settlement, shrinkage or expansion of the building.
– Subsidence means sinking, i.e. the ver cal, downward movement of soil. It includes settlement, which is
a lateral movement.
Where we cover your home
We cover your home only when it is situated in the Republic of South Africa.
What is covered
○ We will cover your home against loss or damage from an insured cause which happens at the insured address and in the period of insurance, subject to the terms, condi ons, exclusions and limits of this policy.
○ Liability to the public: We will cover you for personal legal liability under Sec on 5, Personal Liability as far as it applies to your liability as the owner of the home.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 45

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