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Sec on 1 – Home
Subsidence, landslip or ground heave standard cover
If we agree to give the cover it will be stated in the schedule and an addi onal premium will be payable. This cover forms part of the sum insured for your home. We may request the comple on of an addi onal ques onnaire. We will cover any damage or destruc on caused by subsidence, landslip or ground heave of the land suppor ng the buildings but excluding:
– loss or damage to boundary, retaining and garden walls, gate posts, fences, driveways, paving, swimming pools, tennis courts, sep c or conservancy tanks, drains, paths and terraces, paving and swimming pool surroundings
– damage caused as a result of the contrac on and/or expansion of ac ve soils due to the moisture or water content of such ac ve soils as is experienced in clay and other similar types of ground
– loss of or damage to solid  oor slabs or any other part of the home resul ng from the movement of such slabs, unless the founda ons suppor ng the external walls of the home are damaged by the same cause at the same  me
– work necessary to prevent further loss or damage due to subsidence or landslip except where appropriate design precau ons were implemented during the original construc on of the home and any subsequent addi ons thereto.
We further do not cover loss or damage caused by or arising from the following:
• normal se lement of a structure
• the inadequate compac on of in ll or construc on
• damage which existed prior to the commencement of the policy
• the removal or weakening of support to any home
• excava ons on or under land other than mining opera ons
• defec ve design, materials or workmanship
• altera ons, addi ons or repairs to the home.
If you are required to do so, you must prove that the loss or damage you are claiming for was caused by subsidence and landslip or ground heave.
The excess stated in the schedule applies to this cover.
Temporary removal of  xtures
When you claim for damage to permanent  xtures that are temporarily removed from the home to be repaired or restored, we will pay up to the limit stated in the schedule, provided that the items are not removed for a period exceeding 60 days.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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