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What is not covered
○ We will not cover any loss or damage caused by or consis ng of:
– –
– – – – – –
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○ We do –
○ We do
– – – – – –
dryness or moisture, exposure to light or extreme temperatures unless the loss is caused by storm or  re damage
anything that happens gradually, including smoke and dust damage, rising damp, fungus or mildew, mould, decay, ac on of light, atmospheric or clima c condi ons, corrosion, rot or a rise in the underground water table
scratching, chipping, chewing, tearing, dis gura on or discoloura on and cracking or den ng coastal or river erosion, rust or corrosion
gradual deteriora on, lack of maintenance, deprecia on or wear and tear
infesta on, vermin, rats, mice, insects, pests or domes c pets
roots and weeds
loss, damage or deteriora on of an item caused by any process of cleaning, repairing, restoring, dyeing, bleaching or altera on
cracking or collapse of buildings, tennis courts or driveways
any addi onal costs resul ng from the unavailability of matching materials pollu on or contamina on
chemicals, fer lisers and pes cides that have been used or applied subsidence, landslip or ground heave unless it is stated in your schedule.
not cover accidental loss or damage:
due to cracking or scratching of sanitary ware or glass except for  sh tanks. not pay for loss or damage to  xed equipment directly or indirectly caused by:
gradual deteriora on, deprecia on, wear and tear
faulty design or workmanship or using tools or equipment in an incorrect manner vermin, rats, mice, insects, pests or domes c pets
cleaning or repairing
purposefully overloading the  xed equipment
any loss or damage that is insured under a manufacturer’s warranty or service contract.
○ We will not cover loss or damage caused by defec ve workmanship or design, defec ve materials, structural faults or faulty designs.
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