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Introduc on to your policy
Introduc on
This is a contract of insurance which consists of the policy wording and the accompanying schedule, which should be read together to ensure they fully re ect your instruc ons. Please read your schedule carefully to ensure that it has been prepared in accordance with the cover you have requested. If it is not correct, please return the document immediately to your broker with your instruc ons and they can make the necessary changes. Failure by you to advise us of any material changes to the informa on may result in us rejec ng your claim or your policy may be voided.
Your policy wording details all the covers available when you purchase a personal insurance policy from us. However, not all the covers may be applicable and your schedule will show which covers are in force and the amounts insured where appropriate. You may request to increase or add elements of cover under this policy where required.
This policy records the terms and condi ons of the contract between us, The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (Reg. No. 1952/003004/06) and the policyholder whose name appears in the schedule. The policyholder is represented by the broker whose name appears in the schedule.
If you are unsure what informa on may be material to your policy or whether you need to advise us of any change, please contact your broker for advice.
At renewal of your policy, you will be provided with an updated schedule. Any changes to your cover provided under your policy will be re ected either in an amendment to your cover or a new policy wording.
We will cover you for events that take place during the  me that you are insured, subject to any restric ons in the contract of insurance in accordance with what is stated in your policy wording on condi on that you meet all the terms, condi ons and requirements as listed in this policy wording and accompanying schedule.
4 Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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