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Sec on 2 – Contents
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Contents in a  sh tank means the  sh in a  sh tank or koi pond which includes fresh water, tropical and marine  sh kept for recrea onal purposes.
Deteriora on of refrigerated or frozen food and drink means any refrigerated, frozen food or drinks kept in any deep freeze or refrigerator is covered up to the limit stated in the schedule for loss or damage as a result:
• of breakdown, or
• accidental damage to the unit, or
• failure of power supplied by public authori es excluding deliberate withholding, i.e. load shedding.
Jewellery and watches are items worn or used for personal adornment including items made of gold, silver, pla num and/or other precious metals and/or set with precious or semi-precious stones.
Garden and outdoor items means garden and pa o furniture,  ower containers, children’s play equipment, garden statues and ornaments, domes c garden maintenance equipment, ride-on or motorised lawnmowers and power equipment and other similar items that are normally le  outdoors. The  of ride- on or motorised lawnmowers and power equipment will be limited to the amount stated in the schedule if not kept in a locked building or outbuilding. The  or a empted the  into the locked building or outbuilding must be accompanied by evidence of violent and forced entry or exit.
Money means currency, cash notes, cheques, traveller’s cheques, postal orders, money orders, bank dra s, travel and other  ckets of monetary value, phone cards, current postage stamps, savings stamps, cer  cates, premium bonds, gi  vouchers, share cer  cates or other nego able instruments covered while at the insured address only. We will cover you up to the limit stated in the schedule.
Personal baggage means any bag or luggage away from home that are not in your personal possession excluding cover for jewellery and watches, unless:
• the jewellery and watch items are speci cally insured under Sec on 3, Assets speci ed, or
• the jewellery and watch items are worn or carried by you
• the jewellery and watch items are kept in a locked safe that is  xed to the building when the buildings where you keep your jewellery and watches are unoccupied.
We will reimburse you up to the limit stated in the schedule should you need to buy the necessary toiletries or clothing while you wait for the airline to locate any lost personal baggage.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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