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Sec on 2 – Contents
Addi onal cover
When we accept a claim under your policy for an insured cause that happens in the period of insurance, you may also be en tled to the addi onal cover. Addi onal cover is limited to the amount stated in your schedule under your Fixed and/or Flexi limits. The excess stated in your schedule does not apply to addi onal cover and Fixed limits, unless speci cally stated below. Excesses apply to Flexi limits. Any voluntary excesses will also be applicable.
○ Accidental damage means unforeseen accidental damage to the contents up to the sum insured. We do not cover loss or damage:
– caused by cleaning, repairing or restoring by any manner or method
– of or to any tools, gardening implements, garden furniture
– of or to automa c swimming pool cleaning equipment
– cracking or scratching of glass, glassware or any similar breakable ar cle – this does not apply to jewellery, cameras, mobile devices and tablets, televisions, computer screens or  sh tanks
– mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown. The excess stated in the schedule applies to this cover.
○ Alterna ve accommoda on/rent
If you are not insured for this elsewhere in this policy or another policy, we will pay you for the rental amount due to you in respect of an insured property that you lease out, or the reasonable rent you incur. We will pay up to the limit stated in the schedule for similar alterna ve accommoda on and storage. We cover you if your home cannot be lived in due to an insured cause under this sec on subject to the following terms:
– The maximum period for this cover to be in force is the period stated in the schedule.
– We will decide on the alterna ve accommoda on by considering the rental amount that would be reasonable to charge for a home of the same or similar value and loca on as the insured address stated in your schedule.
– You will be paid the reasonable costs for temporary accommoda on in a guesthouse or hotel for not more than 14 days while you arrange your alterna ve accommoda on.
– The cover includes reasonable accommoda on for your domes c pets, domes c workers and gardeners that were resident on the property at the  me of the loss.
○ Costs to reinstate important documents
We will pay the costs to replace the following documents if they are damaged by an insured cause:
– Valua ons for your home and contents items, passports, wills, the land  tle to your home, driver licences, marriage cer  cates, birth cer  cates, contracts and agreements, ter ary educa on cer  cates up to the Fixed limit stated in the schedule.
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