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Sec on 2 – Contents
○ Fire department charges
We will pay for any cost incurred to ex nguish a  re or for preven ng imminent  re damage to your contents up
to the Fixed limit stated in the schedule.
○ Hiring of security guards
We will pay for necessary costs incurred in employing a security guard following loss or damage a er an insured cause provided the loss gives rise to a claim, up to the Fixed limit stated in the schedule.
○ Hole-in-one/full-house
In the event that you hit a hole-in-one on any recognised golf course worldwide, during a match played in accordance with the o cial rules of golf, or achieve a full-house in a game of bowls during an amateur tournament at any recognised bowling club, we will pay you up to the Fixed limit stated in the schedule, provided that wri en con rma on is obtained from the secretary of the golf or bowling club.
○ Iden ty the  cover
If you are a vic m of iden ty the , then we will pay the costs you have to pay in a emp ng to re-establish your
personal credit history including:
– your unpaid leave for any  me taken o  from work as a result of iden ty the 
– extra loan applica on fees that you incurred from having to re-apply for a loan declined due to false credit history
– costs to obtain and correct your credit ra ng report
– telephone, fax and postage costs spent to recreate your creditworthiness
– travel costs spent to recreate your creditworthiness
– legal fees agreed by us
– defending ac ons incorrectly brought against you by retailers and collec on agencies
– removing incorrectly recorded civil judgements against you
– preparing legal statements, statutory declara ons or a davits required by the police, your bank or credit provider.
The most we will pay in the period of insurance is the limit stated in the schedule per calendar year. We do not cover the following:
– – – – – –
payment of any debts resul ng from iden ty the 
any costs or fees incurred in reinsta ng your credit status or good name rela ng to or for a business ac vity speeding or parking  nes or infringements
costs to re-establish iden ty or credit records outside the Republic of South Africa
any costs recoverable from your bank, credit card or credit provider
costs not supported by wri en evidence.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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