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Limits on addi onal cover
The most we will pay for any one insured incident is the sum insured stated in your schedule; however, for some items, we will pay up to the limits stated in the schedule. There are two types of limits Fixed and Flexi limits.
Flexi limits or Flexi Plus limits
Both Flexi limits and Flexi Plus limits are stated in the schedule. You can choose either Flexi or Flexi Plus limits for your cover. Flexi limits will apply unless you ask us for Flexi Plus limits and you pay the addi onal premium that applies. The limit of your choice will be stated in your schedule, including the addi onal premium if applicable.
If you own items above the Flexi limits you can apply to insure individual items under the Sec on 3, Assets speci ed. If you own:
○ individual items worth more than the Flexi limits, or
○ a number of items in the same Flexi limits category with a total value more than the Flexi limits.
If you have Flexi limits and you own:
– –
a jewellery item worth R300 000, you can list the item individually for R300 000 under Sec on 3, Assets speci ed
the Flexi limit of R250 000 per item and R250 000 in total will apply to all other jewellery you own, or alterna vely you can increase your Flexi Plus limit from R250 000 and add R300 000 = R550 000.
For example
If you have three jewellery items of R100 000 each, with a total value of R300 000 and you want more cover than the R250 000 Flexi limit, you can list one of the jewellery items under the Sec on 3, Assets speci ed with a value of R100 000 to have R300 000 cover in total for jewellery as your incident limit will be R250 000.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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