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Sec on 2 – Contents
Op onal cover
The following cover is available at an addi onal premium. These amounts are not part of the sum insured for contents. ○ Bed-and-breakfast cover will apply only if a maximum of four bedrooms at your insured address are rented out
to guests.
The excess stated in the schedule applies to this cover. What is covered?
– Stock-in-trade means cover for stock-in-trade up to the sum insured stated in the schedule for the Bed- and-breakfast cover extension. If the sum insured is not adequate, average will apply.
– Increase in peak period means the sum insured stated in the schedule for the Bed-and-breakfast cover extension will be increased by the limit stated in the schedule for long weekends, during fes vals and during school holidays stated in the o cial provincial school calendar.
– Personal e ects of paying guests means we will pay you for loss or damage for the personal e ects, excluding jewellery and watches and money that belong to paying guests while the personal e ects are inside your insured address. The cover excludes household goods and personal belongings insured elsewhere. Cover is limited to the amount stated in the schedule.
– Trauma payment for paying guests means we will pay you the bene t for a registered professional counsellor for the treatment of trauma su ered by a paying guest if the paying guest needs treatment due to the , burglary, hijacking or  re that occurred on your premises. We will not pay you for expenses recoverable from any other insurance. Cover is limited to the limit stated in the schedule.
– External signs, blinds and canopies means we will compensate you for damage caused by an insured event to:
• external signs at the premises or elsewhere
• blinds and canopies at your premises.
– Cleaning and dry-cleaning of guests' property means we will pay you up to the limit in the schedule for your liability arising from accidental loss or damage to guests' laundry while it is being cleaned or dry- cleaned by you or upon your instruc on.
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