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Introduc on to your policy
Your full and correct disclosure of facts
You must make sure that all the informa on you give us about yourself, your property and your risk pro le is accurate. This will include informa on about your  nancial situa on, such as insolvency, taking up a dangerous sport like hang- gliding or a change in the driver of your vehicle. Incomplete or incorrect informa on could a ect the validity of your policy, and may result in us voiding your policy.
You must tell us immediately of any material changes that may increase the risk of loss or damage to your insured property. We will then have the right either to cancel the policy, or let it con nue with new terms and condi ons.
The role players
This is the brokerage, contact person or agent, ac ng on your behalf that will maintain your policy, communicate with you and be the contact point between Hollard and you for submission of your claims, or for any changes to policy details, con rma on of policy or claim informa on and in other related matters.
The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (Reg. No. 1952/003004/06), known as Hollard, is your insurer and we undertake to cover you for the events as described in this policy wording. You will be covered only for the period of insurance for which you have paid your premium. The amount of cover will be restricted to the sum for which you or your property is insured as recorded in your schedule. The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (Reg. No. 1952/003004/06) is an authorised  nancial service provider, FSP number 17698.
How we handle your personal informa on
We are committed to handling your personal informa on in con dence. You acknowledge and consent to your personal informa on being used on a con den al basis by us or your broker. We need to collect, use and disclose your personal informa on in order to consider your applica on and to provide the cover you have chosen.
In view of the above, you and any person you may represent are obliged to:
○ accept that it is in the public interest for insurers to share insurance informa on (including credit informa on)
○ waive your rights to keep private your policy, claims or credit informa on
○ accept that any informa on provided to us may be stored in a shared database and used by other insurance companies. This includes informa on regarding the renewal or con nua on of your policy or any claim that you may submit
○ accept that this informa on may be checked against other legal sources or databases.
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