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Sec on 2 – Contents
○ Property of guests and domes c employees is covered provided that the  from the home must be accompanied by evidence of violent and forced entry. We do not cover the following items:
– any item insured under another policy
– jewellery and watches
– cash or documents
– mobile phones or devices with mobile phones
– incidents happening away from the insured address.
○ Student and scholar possessions are covered provided that the  from the residence or dorm is accompanied by evidence of violent and forced entry.
○ Property occupied by tenants: We will not be liable for any loss of damage resul ng from malicious damage and loss or damage as result of the  or attempted the  is subject to evidence of violent and entry.
○ Contents do not include
We do
– – – – –
not pay for:
water in:
• tanks
• swimming pools
• spas or any other water container.
animals including  sh, rep les, pets and livestock unless speci cally stated in the schedule
un xed home materials and uninstalled home  xtures or  t ngs
motor vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts, watercra , aircra , caravans and trailers and their contents
tenants' improvements,  tted furniture,  tted appliances,  xtures and  t ngs
 ne arts valued more than the limit stated in the schedule or more speci cally insured under the  ne arts sec on. The excess stated in the schedule applies to this cover.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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