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Sec on 3 – Assets speci ed
What is covered
○ We will cover you against loss of or damage to items de ned as Assets speci ed from any cause that is not stated under the General Exclusions of the policy or 'What is not Covered' of this sec on.
○ Assets speci ed means contents or personal belongings that you elect to specify separately will not be subject to the evidence of violent and forced entry or exit requirement when at the insured address or when temporarily removed to another building. In addi on, jewellery and watches speci ed individually are not subject to the safe warranty.
○ Items kept in vault: We will pay for loss or damage to items stated in the schedule and which are kept in a safe deposit and/or vault of a registered bank or otherwise. If you temporarily remove the items you have automa c cover up to the limit stated in the schedule for a maximum period of 30 days in any period of insurance for any claim. Should you require cover for more than the limit stated in the schedule you must no fy us of the removal of items and pay the addi onal premium.
○ Limits that apply to jewellery and watches means we will pay for loss or damage to your jewellery and watches which are speci cally stated in the schedule. If you are unable to provide proof of ownership as described under the 'How we settle your claim', payment will be limited to the amount stated in the schedule any one item.
○ Reinstatement of speci ed items following a claim means if any item stated in the schedule is subject to a total loss, the lost, damaged or stolen item will be deleted from the schedule. The onus is upon you to advise us to insure the replaced item and provide us with its descrip on and sum insured.
74 Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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