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Sec on 3 – Assets speci ed
What is not covered
○ We will not cover any loss or damage caused by, or consis ng of:
– dryness or moisture, exposure to light or extreme temperatures, unless the loss is caused by storm or  re
– anything that happens gradually, including smoke and dust damage, rising damp, fungus or mildew, mould, ac on of light, atmospheric or clima c condi ons, corrosion, rot, rust, decay or a rise in the water table
– scratching, chipping, chewing, tearing, dis gura on or discoloura on and cracking or den ng
– gradual deteriora on, lack of maintenance, deprecia on or wear and tear
– defec ve workmanship or design or the use of faulty materials
– infesta on, vermin, rats, mice, insects, pests or domes c pets
– loss, damage or deteriora on of an item caused by any process of cleaning, repairing, restoring, dyeing, bleaching or altera on
– damage to glass, glassware, jewellery or other brittle ar cles due to cracking, den ng, chipping or scratching
– loss or damage to money, credit and cash cards or other nego able instruments used in  nancial trading
– breakage of mirrors, glassware, crystal, crockery or china while they are being used, cleaned or carried by hand
– items that fail while s ll under their manufacturer’s guarantee
– over-winding of clocks.
○ We do not cover the cost of reproducing sound, data and images on tapes, records, compact discs,  lms or magne c media or any other electronic media.
○ We do not pay for  xtures,   ngs and contents of caravans and trailers. These have to be separately insured under the Motor vehicle, Sec on 8.
○ We do not cover loss or damage to  rearms caused by rust, burs ng or breakdown.
○ We do not cover loss or damage to a  rearm and gun when it is not in a locked gun safe or if you are not carrying
it at the  me.
○ We do not pay for mechanical or electrical breakdown where there is no other damage.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 75

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