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Sec on 4 – Fine arts
Where we cover your  ne arts
Anywhere in the world, but the domicile insured address/es will be limited to the Republic of South Africa.
We will pay for loss or damage to your  ne arts temporarily removed from the home provided that the  or a empted the  of  ne arts temporarily removed to another premises or out of a vehicle must be accompanied by evidence of violent and forced entry.
What is covered
○ We will cover you against loss or damage from a cause which happens in the loca ons stated in `Where your  ne arts are covered' during the period of insurance, subject to the terms, condi ons, exclusions and limits described in this policy.
○ We reserve the right to request a valua on cer  cate and/or proof of purchase prior to se lement in the event of a claim. You need to ensure that your  ne arts are regularly re-valued, as they are subject to currency  uctua ons. All valua on cer  cates must be in South African currency.
○ Apprecia on
We will pay you for an increase in value of the item in the event of loss or damage, up to the limit stated in the
○ Deprecia on
We will cover loss of value to an item where it occurs as a direct result of damage covered under this policy up to
the sum insured stated in the schedule.
○ Liability to the public
We will cover you for personal legal liability under Sec on 5, Personal Liability as far as it applies to your liability
as the owner of the  ne arts.
○ Temporary storage costs
If, in our opinion, your building is rendered uninhabitable or the security is compromised as a result of loss or
damage at your insured address, we will cover you up to the limit stated in the schedule for:
– reasonable temporary storage costs
– transpor ng and securing your collec on, provided you have our prior wri en agreement.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 79

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