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Sec on 4 – Fine arts
Op onal cover
The following cover is available at an addi onal premium. These amounts are not part of the sum insured for  ne arts. ○ Exhibi ons cover
Should the property insured be exhibited at any art exhibi on the following condi ons will apply before cover will be applicable:
– You need to no fy us before the items are to be exhibited at the exhibi on. The end date will be the date the items are returned to the premises as stated in the schedule.
– You must supply all relevant details for the exhibi on loca on and the security arrangements that will be in place.
– We may at our discre on s pulate certain requirements in order for cover to be in force. Our rights
○ Apprecia ng asset clause means in order to have any lost or damaged items re-valued, you will have to provide up-to-date valua ons prior to any loss or damage and subsequent claim. The valua ons should be no older than 24 months at the  me of loss or damage. The re-valua on will rely on clear images of the insured items, which must also be provided prior to any loss or damage.
○ Repaired items means if damaged items which are the subject of a claim are fully restored, we will con nue to insure them at a new value agreed without any addi onal premium. We reserve the right to review the premium at renewal of the policy.
○ Valua on cer  cates
We may request you to provide us with a valua on cer  cate prior to se lement of a claim. You must ensure that
your  ne arts are re-valued every two years. If the sum insured is not adequate, average will apply.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 83

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