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Sec on 5 – Personal liability
What is not covered
The following situa ons are not covered, unless speci cally stated otherwise:
○ Liability due to accidental death of bodily injury to or illness of you or any person in your service, if the liability arises from their service.
○ Liability due to accidental loss of or damage to property you or any person in your service owns, rents, borrows, keeps in trust or has custody or control of.
○ Liability arising from any business, trade or occupa on. This exclusion will not apply to the op onal 'Bed-and- breakfast extension' and 'Business Contents, Addi onal cover of the Contents' Sec on 2 or Liability as a result of employing a domes c employee of this sec on of the policy.
○ Liability for loss or damage to property that is in the custody or control of your directors, members, trustees or bene ciaries, or members of their families who usually reside with them, if you are a company, close corpora on or trust.
○ Liability rela ng to the possession, ownership, occupa on or use of land, homes or structures, not covered under this policy.
○ Liability rela ng to home ac vi es such as altera ons, addi ons or renova ons.
○ Liability rela ng to vibra on or the removal or weakening of or interference with support to land, homes or other
○ Liability rela ng to the ownership, possession, use or handling of vehicles (including trailers and caravans, but not bicycles which are not assisted mechanically or electrically), watercra , aircra  or other aerial devices,  rearms, air guns or any animals.
○ Liability for  nes, penal es or puni ve damages.
○ Non-compliance by you or your legal representa ve with the terms of this policy.
○ Liability in connec on with the loss of or damage to any self-propelled motor vehicle, trailer, caravan, watercra  or aircra  under your care, custody or control.
○ Liability arising from a dishonest, fraudulent or malicious act, or acts of physical assault or other reckless disregard by you of the possible consequences of your ac ons or omissions commi ed by you.
○ Liability arising from the payment of any  ne, penalty or mul ple, puni ve/exemplary damages.
○ Liability arising from any debt.
○ Liability arising from the spread of  re to adjacent proper es, homes or land situated on a smallholding, farm or plot unless stated in the schedule as covered.
○ Liability arising from the failures to pay maintenance or alimony or any amounts following a breach of promise.
○ Liability arising from the purchase, sale, barter or exchange of property, or your failure to comply with your
obliga ons rela ng to these.
○ Liability arising from any judgement, award, payment or se lement made in a country that operates under the laws of the United States of America or Canada.
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