Page 94 - Bay Union - Platinum Policy Wording
P. 94

Sec on 5 – Personal liability
○ Liability arising from a court order anywhere else in the world designed to enforce such a judgment, award, payment or se lement, unless the court order is enforceable in a South African court of law.
○ Liability arising out of an agreement you might sign with a third party, for example a builder. You cannot accept liability for the ac ons of a builder who is renova ng your home, for that is clearly his responsibility.
○ Liability arising out of seepage, pollu on and contamina on. You are not covered for the cost of cleaning up, removing, nullifying or reinsta ng any property that has been lost or damaged by seepage, pollu on or contamina on.
○ Liability for loss or damage to property that belongs to you, your family or employee that is covered under some other insurance policy.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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