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Sec on 6 – Personal accident
Speci c de ni ons to this sec on
○ Accident means an external, sudden, unexpected and speci c event that is the direct cause of bodily injury.
○ Annual earnings means the annual equivalent wage or guaranteed salary paid to you at the  me the accident
○ Bodily injury means injury to the body caused by violent, accidental, external, unexpected and visible means.
○ Permanent disablement means total disablement.
○ Temporary total disablement means temporary total disablement.
○ Temporary par al disablement means temporary incapacity.
○ Weekly earnings mean annual earnings divided by 52.
○ Maximum amount payable means the maximum amount payable under this sec on for any one event is the limit stated in the schedule. The maximum amount payable to you/your means:
– in respect of you and your spouse or partner, children, parents and rela ves who permanently reside with you and are  nancially dependent on you is the limit stated in the schedule per event and;
– in respect of domes c employees is the limit stated in the schedule per event.
○ Personal accident covers the policyholder for loss of income and/or bodily injury subject to an accident resul ng
in disability or death.
Where we cover you
Anywhere in the world, but the domicile insured addresses will be limited to the Republic of South Africa.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 95

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