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Sec on 6 – Personal accident
○ Temporary par al disablement means weekly payment for temporary incapacity occurring within 12 months of the accident. We will pay the limit stated in the schedule of your current weekly earnings for a period not exceeding 104 weeks, excluding the  rst seven days from the date of the accident in respect of each and every claim, up to the basic cover limit stated in the schedule.
○ Trauma treatment means costs you pay for trauma treatment by a registered professional counsellor for trauma following a violent act of the , burglary, hold-up, hijacking/a empted hijacking or  re, provided that these must not be recoverable from any other insurance including any facility you may have up to the limit stated in the schedule.
○ If an incident becomes payable under more than one bene t, the total amount will not exceed the limit stated in the schedule of the maximum for each person/s.
○ Where the injury is not speci ed we will apply a percentage of disablement which is consistent with the 'Schedule of Bene ts'.
○ If payment of any claim is made for 100% of the limit as stated in the 'Schedule of Bene ts' any further liability ceases immediately.
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