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 Flipbook Applications
 We’re moving to the cloud!
... but don’t panic, it will actually make your life easier, cost less and most importantly demonstrate our commitment to being an environmentally responsible and sustainable business.
What exactly do we mean?
We take your high res PDF document and create a flipbook from it, which will be available online and hosted on a responsive server and which can be viewed on any device – a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. 24/7, 365 days a year. The size of the flipbook adjusts automatically to the size of the screen of your selected viewing device and its navigation is effortless and uncomplicated.
Even though the flipbook is online, it can be downloaded as a pdf and printed should you so wish, including the option of selecting specific pages to be printed instead of the entire document, making everyone’s lives much simpler and less cluttered.
What are the benefits for you?
Aside from the huge saving in printing costs, any edits or changes to documents or just a section of a document can be done online and changes uploaded as time goes by, making this a much quicker and simpler process as there is no need to reprint an entire lengthy document each time you want a small detail changed.
There is also an interactive table of contents in the flipbook which makes navigation a breeze.
Need to hand it out?
The flipbook applications can also be burned onto CD-Rom and can work on both PC and Mac platforms.
See for yourself
Take a look at these examples of our flipbook generic policies below, open them up, download the policy, search from the interactive table of contents, zoom in, zoom out and try to access it from your tablet and laptop to see how the screen sizing works. And then let us know what you think.
Ecobound Events
For more information, give us a call us and we will help you in taking the next step. In saving time, money and the environment, we think this is the best way to go!

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