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 Client: Ecobound Mountain Events
Meduim: Printed Collateral & online Responsive Flipbook
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World Heritage Site
• 1 200 Litres Powerade • 1 500 Litres Coke
• Medics
• Signage & Branding
• TV and Videography Crew
River crossings
• 2 500 Chip Rolls
• 40 000 Litres Water
• 3 – 5 Ton Trucks
• 10 – 4x4 Official Bakkies
• Social Media • Brand Awareness
Motorcycle Marshalls – 6
Since 2004
• 20kg Milo
• 100kg Sugar
Wilderness Experience
• 2 000 Pasta Meals • 2 500 Bananas
Adventure style, Route not marked
• 50kg Coffee
• 50kg Jelly Babies
• Accommodation • 200kg Fire Wood
• E-mail Campaign
Photographers – 6 • 5 Year Shields
6 Water Points
World Heritage Site
200 Pasta Meals
3 650m Ascent
Full Braai Experience
Oldest MTB Stage Race in South Africa – 1995
On-site/Course Medics
Route Conservation Contributions
Conservation Contributions
6 – 4X4 Vehicles
Capped at 150 Runners
Capped at 500 Riders
2 X Trucks
(1 Refrigerated)
Tented Accommodation
Unofficial Movember World Championship
Heritage Site 2 080m Ascent
Use of Donkeys
Race Village
Tented Accomodation
Mountain Rescue
900 Meals
Full Braai
Experience 20 Crew
All events go through nature reserves and World Heritage Sites and income generated from the events goes towards the conservation of these pristine areas. Ecobound is a family of enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about mountain biking, trail running and share a united love for all aspects of an outdoor lifestyle. | | 044 871 4455 | PO Box 12154, Garden Route Mall, 6546
Registration – 10 • 3200 T-shirts
Checkpoint – 65 • Hoodies & Beanies
Medics – 20 • 2400 Finisher Headbands
• 2400 Medals
Race Commissaries – 4 • 2400 Number plate Boards
MC/Presenters – 4 • 4800 Goodie Bags
As one of South Africa’s premier mountain biking events, this mountain bike marathon creates the perfect combination of extremely challenging cycling amongst spectacular scenery, through exquisite mountain ranges, right into the heart of the magnificent Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area, all in a team format! Since its start in 2004 it has grown annually, deserving its place on many mountain biker‘s bucket list.
This event has held the title as the ‘longest single-stage team MTB event’ in the world for six years, and emphasizes that the focus is on whether the route is rideable, unique, enjoyable and most of all achievable. Because this is a team event, consisting of 2-4 riders per team, the concept is very different to that of an ordinary MTB race. Teams have to check in and out at the checkpoints which are strategically placed on-route, so that their whereabouts can be tracked. The 10am start forces all the riders (even the front-runners) to use lights for night time riding. For some this will be a much larger portion of their ride than for others – truly a test of character and endurance. Every team that finishes receives a commemorative medal which completes a puzzle that fits into a shield after the completion of five events – motivating riders to complete the Trans Baviaans at least five times. The distance of 230km from Willowmore to Jeffrey’s Bay must be completed in 24 hours to qualify for a medal.
It was in 1995 that the first To Hell and Back took place. It came about from the love of riding and to popularise Die Hel (The Hell – the colloquial name for a remote green gash in the Swartberg mountains). Due to limited accommodation and facilities in The Hell, only 500 participants are allowed. When the event first reached its capacity in 1997, entry forms were no longer publicly available. The only way for participants to have obtained an entry was to provide EcoBound (Organisers) with a self-addressed envelope and stamp. Ecobound would then print only the exact number of entry forms, fill the envelopes and post them back to the participants.
This is proudly the first MTB Stage race in South Africa. The overnight stop in The Hell means everybody stays together, which makes for a great atmosphere.
The uniqueness of the race village is ‘captured’ within the shear remoteness of Gamkaskloof, no electricity, no cell reception, no TV, not even radio reception. Not much has changed, it still remains a ‘because-it’s-there’ kind of ride and, there are those who race it, but the soul of the event is in touring.
It is known as the longest mountain pass in South Africa, the 3650m of climbing over the two-day 120km - makes it quite the expedition!
This trail run takes you along routes long forgotten by the modern world. Once, many years ago, these paths were only known by tradesmen who would use donkeys to carry their produce to the inhabitants of the valley called ‘The Hell’.
The remote single track which takes you up and down the tenacious Swartberg Mountains, etched with the prints of donkey hooves, was the only connection to the outside world for many years. These abandoned trails will be ‘unlocked’ for the first time for a trail running experience never seen before. For only once a year, and only as part of this event, has the use of these routes been approved by The Donkey Trail, The Poort Private Nature Reserve and Cape Nature.
All participants will have the privilege to start the first of the 2-day stage trail run, the Mountain Stage, on the majestic Donkey Trails, overnight in The Hell campsite and enjoy their time around the fires! During the Kloof Stage on day 2 runners will navigate their way along the Gamka River, rock hoping, swimming and last but not least, run! This race is guaranteed to leave you exhausted, exhilarated and coming back for more.
2 540m Ascent
• 2 500 Oranges
• 3 000 Roosterkoeke
• Start/Finish Banners • Marquee Tents
24 Hours
• 600 Litres soup • 2 000 Potatoes
• Gazebos
• 6 Mechanic Stations
• 8 – 4x4 Evac • 4 – Quads
• 6 – Motorbikes
• Tables and Chairs
• Professional Photographers
• Water Tanks
• 5 000m Candy Tape
• Adverts
TV Crew – 6 • Custom design kits
Race Village
30 Crew
2400 Riders
• 2 000 Sosaties • 2 500 Jaffles
• Radio Comms • Fuel
• Vehicle Signage
Radio Crew – 15
• 2400 Lanyard and Tokens
• PR communications specialists
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