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4 Sensational ^ Goals for
R mance in 2020
by Joy Ross, Travel Journeys
There nothing like traveling with someone you love to appreciate some of the romantic aspects that travel has to o er. There can be potential con icts, but in a relationship of mutual good will, these hazards are not only reasonably easy to negotiate- they are also a way to bond and grow as a couple.
As our lives seem to get busier and busier by the day romance can often fall o  our list of priorities. Make 2020 the year you make more time for romance by scheduling regular times to spend with your partner - when the kids, housework and work aren’t all vying for your attention.
ROMANTIC GOAL 2020 – Book a romantic break just for the two of you. It’s less costly than your annual gym memberships and much more fun.
Have you ever been out for a romantic dinner only to spend more time looking at your phone than looking at each other? If this sounds familiar then a digital detox (even a short one) may be the perfect way to rediscover romance in 2020.
ROMANTIC GOAL 2020 – Book a short break away together somewhere you know the broadband speed and mobile signal is likely not to be all that reliable. Forget your phone and leave it in the room where you will have Wi-Fi when you really need it.
Remember when you  rst met and everything you did together was new and exciting? Well, there’s a world of new and exciting adventures still waiting to be explored. Romance is all about daring to try the unknown and taking risks together...and seeing where it leads.
ROMANTIC GOAL 2020 – Try everyday adventures that are as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone and switching up your routine. What are things you’ve been doing mindlessly as a couple for the last 10-20-30 years? Why not move the furniture around in your bedroom, walk a di erent route together to work, hold hands when you go out – if it’s new and it feels a bit strange or even scary...that’s an adventure.
Let go and relax! There is nothing more romantic than surprises and whether you’re the giver or receiver - unexpected expressions of love are always amazing.
ROMANTIC GOAL 2020 – Try something out of the box! The things you will remember most, that makes you feel most in love, is this kind of uninterrupted time and shared experience. I’d be happy to trade a few “I Love You’s” over presents and a lot of other things for quality, focused times that make memories, wouldn’t you?
Valentine’s Day doesn’t just need to be on February 14th! Make 2020 a year of romance you’ll never forget! Call Travel Journeys 303-663-0238 or email us to set up your romantic adventure! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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