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By Kay Rowe, HomeSmart Realty Group and Embrace Life LLC Why You Should Use Small, Local Businesses
Go local and use a small business rather than a large company/franchise. Reason being...the larger the company, the higher their overhead, which they cover by charging customers an inflated fee and at times being dishonest and selling something that isn’t necessary.
Here’s a factual story to support this...
Back in Sept, my A/C wasn’t turning on. I had found a “highly recommended” HVAC company. The HVAC repairman found the source of the problem and fixed it. However, it didn’t end there. He allegedly found that my heat exchanger and/or areas near it were corroded, rusted, possibly cracked, etc. Also in performing a CO2 test, it read at 6ppm. I was alarmed by the “diagnosis”, which included “once the CO2 reaches 9ppm, it is required that my furnace gets shut down and reported”. So he gave me an estimate and I started making preparations to replace my furnace and AC.
Fortunately it was time for me to revisit insurance options whereupon I shared my dilemma with my friend/insurance Broker and she referred me to an excellent, local HVAC person who owned his own company and worked out of his house. He had no hidden agenda, in fact, didn’t even charge me for the service. What he found was shocking- not only was there no corrosion or cracking, there was only a mere speck of rust (totally normal) and
the CO2 reading was 0-1! He also informed me that I have a good 10 years or more of life left in my furnace, with regular maintenance. Note: Most CO2 Monitors are set to alarm at 70ppm. Only a fast and low one will alarm at 25ppm. So 9ppm would not have required a shut down.
So I recommend you get a second opinion in a situation like this, and support a local business who would like to earn your repeat business
and referrals.
~ Best, Kay Rowe
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