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“I’m thankful I moved to Castle Rock in 1985, started our family here, and created this newsletter (29 years this month!) It’s a pleasure providing it to you, your friends & neighbors.”
~ Debbie Davis, AreaNewsletters
I had asked Readers and Advertisers
what they’re Thankful For living and working in Castle Rock. I’m sure you can relate to many of these, and have more yourself Enjoy your friends and family this Thanksgiving, Christmas
Thankful for beautiful views and wonderful neighbors! ~ Heather G, Woodlands
We are so thankful for all the wonderful people and their pets that we meet. It’s just so exciting to look forward to the next day to meet someone new or to go back to one of our customers to see them and their furry precious little ones and their children. We really love living here and appreciate all the folks we meet. And “ThankYou Debbie” for doing such a wonderful job for all of us.
~ Curtis & Michele, Mimi’s Carpet Care
I am so very grateful for the beautiful family I have who surround me with love and support daily. I am grateful to have been given the gift of the ability to cook. This ability allows me to  ll my clients, family and friends with the love that I put into my food and creations daily!
~ Lisa Towne, Mama Lisa’s Little Italy &
Roux World Kitchen
I am thankful for the clients that I have and the referrals that have come from clients and people I associate with. I am thankful for the close knit community here in Castle Rock.
~ Janell Ball, Pro Accounting & Tax Services, LLC
I am thankful for all the kind people I have met and connected with through my friends and networking groups. I am thankful for the vast number of activities and especially the MAC Incline and trails; for the First Responders, Police and Fire for keeping us safe; and thankful to be living in such a beautiful environment!
~ Kay R., The Meadows
and holiday season, and all year ‘round.
We are thankful for raising our son in such a great community. And thankful for all the great opportunity in Castle Rock.
~ Spence & Brenda Young, Mountain Man
Great wife, great friends/neighbors, great town for it’s scenery and amenities. ... these may sound like cliches but I’m very grateful after many years living in various places and living with many di erent people. “Great” speci cally means people and places that make me think, re ect and change if needed. I get tested and I get more grateful. I see the good and the bad in Castle Rock, but I’m grateful for where I live and who I know, and it all becomes good.
~ William T., Red Hawk
I have lived in Castle Rock since 1997 when it was still a small town with very few stores and restaurants. The thing I treasure most about this town is the great friendships and business relationships that have developed over the years. I love going to various places and running into people I know. Even though this town has grown dramatically, it still has small town charm with events like Starlighting, ArtFest and parades. I feel blessed to call Castle Rock my home!
~ Heather Marks, Creative Custom Interiors
I’m thankful for a family who serves the Lord and a great church community!!
~ Tonnie C., Castle Rock South
We are thankful for our guests and their love of crazy, adventurous burgers; for our hardworking team; and for our guests who snap and share photos of our burgers!
~ Crave Real Burgers
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