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New art nonpro t seeks to  ll void in Castle Rock’s art scene
CRAC will support local artists and the art community by providing innovative, creative, and educational opportunities in the visual arts and working with local businesses and organizations to create inspiring art projects. In short, the organization will help connect artists, supporters of the arts, and art consumers, whether they be businesses or individuals.
“We’re  nally going to get the art scene we deserve for a town of 70,000,” says Castle Rock Artist Cooperative President Nick Lucey. “Until now, local artists have had to join art organizations in other cities around the Denver metro. We have a lot of very talented artists in Castle Rock, and it’s time we begin serving them with a legitimate local artists organization.”
While the organization won’t have a gallery as a base of its operations, it will instead leverage the power of the web, social media and online re- sources including email newsletters, to promote artists, popup art shows, exhibits, educational programs, and other art-related events.
The Castle Rock Artist Cooperative is currently working with the Downtown Alliance, which includes the Downtown Merchants Association and Downtown Development Authority, to bring fun, colorful murals to downtown walls. A recent call for entries netted more than 20 submissions from artists around the Denver metro area.
“We’re very excited to be working with the Downtown Alliance and local businesses to create inspirational, meaningful art projects that connect artists, businesses, and consumers right here in Castle Rock,” Lucey says. “Look for some interesting wall art on local walls very soon.”
The Castle Rock Artist Cooperative will be of- fering memberships at various levels, including a $25 non-artist “supporter of the arts” level, an artist membership for $50 that includes organization bene ts, and an advanced mem- bership, which will include a portfolio on the organization’s website and features on their social media platforms and email newsletter. Business sponsorships will also be available.
he art scene in Castle Rock has been quiet for a couple of years now, but that’s all about to change. The Castle Rock Artist Cooperative — or CRAC for short — was formed in July of this year as our town’s newest nonpro t to serve artists and the art community, and they’re already beginning to make a big splash.
Castle Rock Artist Cooperative Art Coop
For more information, visit the Castle Rock Artist Cooperative website > or email the organization >
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