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• Completion in 2022
General Frontage Road Information
• Expectdailylaneclosuresfrom8:30a.m.to4p.m.fordrainageworkandcleaning culverts
• Driverscanexpectdailyone-way aggingduringthedayandoccasionalovernight  agging from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
• FrontageRoadclosuresareunderway.Closureswillrunintermittentlyforayear. East and west frontage roads will not be closed at the same time. Current closure is on the West Frontage Road from Territorial Road 1.5 miles south, known as Block One. Expected to last through Oct. 18
• Guardrail work is ongoing
Block 1 Frontage Road Closure Extension
• West Frontage Road (WFR) closure extended to Oct. 18 due to unforeseen circumstances and inclement weather
• Theteamdecidedtoextendtheclosure,ratherthanre-openittemporarilyand close again at a later date
• Detour remains southbound I-25 to Sky View Lane and then WFR north. Local access will be maintained as it is now
• Safety is No. 1 priority followed by e ciency.
Construction Impacts for Larkspur
• This project has three construction sections – north, south and middle. The middle section takes place between Greenland Road and Sky View Lane, and is the most complex.
• Motoristscanexpectnarrowerlanesandshouldersascrewsshifttra ctocreateroomto work on new Express Lanes and wider shoulders.
• Work on I-25 over the Plum Creek bridge is about to begin, but no anticipated impacts to motorists
Long-Term Larkspur Ramp Closures
• The demolition of the Upper Lake Gulch bridge is underway. Long-term closure of the southbound I-25 o -ramp to Upper Lake Gulch Road starts Oct. 22 and will last nine months.
• Detour for this closure – motorists should use the southbound I-25 o -ramp to Spruce Mountain Road to easily access Larkspur
• DemolitionoftheSpruceMountainRoadbridgeisunderway.TheSpruceMountainRoadon- ramp to northbound I-25 is closed for 9 months. A tra c switch will allow crews to demolish the other side of the bridge (east side) without an interstate closure in November
• Detour for this closure – motorists should use the Upper Lake Gulch Road on-ramp to northbound I-25
• The attached map shows which ramps are open and which ramps are closed. Access to Larkspur will always be maintained.
Construction schedule
• Entire 18 miles of the Gap under construction in summer 2019 Stay tuned to future issues of the Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters” as Wade continues to let us know What’sGoingOn.
To see previous articles, you may  nd them in Archived issues of the Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”.
53 Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters • November 2019
• Ground breaking ceremony on Aug. 30, 2018
• Construction on north section began Sept. 4, 2018

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