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B US I N E S S / F I N A N C E
Your Headshot is Your First Introduction
A By Lisa Christianson Photography
headshot visually communicates who you are emphasize your personal brand.This is where getting a
and what you’re about to everyone who visits your LinkedIn pro le, website, or social media channels. The face you show the business world
affects your credibility, separating
the professionals from the amateurs. Just think, have you ever looked at a professional headshot from someone you admire and think to yourself,“this person looks great,they have such an aura of professionalism!”
Your picture can be made to communicate who you are and what you’re after.With the focus on expression, wardrobe, lighting and speci c key words to bring out the look you want the world to see.A profession- al photographer will tie all these elements together with wardrobe feedback and expression coaching to
professional headshot is worth the time and money.And bonus, they aren’t as expensive as some might think!
What does your current headshot say about you? Is it clean and profes- sional? Up-to-date?Warm and inviting?
Every part of the professional head- shot from the light,composition,cloth- ing, makeup, jewelry, background, expression,etc,is a conscious decision on the part of the photographer and
the subject, to create an image designed to stand out and showcase you at your best. Pair this with effective marketing strategies and you will have a killer personal brand!
Take a good look at your current headshot. Reach out to me if it’s time to update yours.
Headshots are central to your marketing, branding and the business of your industry.
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