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Ages 10-13
Ages 14-18
Ages 19-22
All  nancial planning services are provided free of charge
to retired or active Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers and Military.
Investment Advisory Services o ered through DWM Family Wealth Ltd.
“Let me treat you to
and a second opinion.”
Aware Accessible Accountable
Architect Your Financial Future.
It is nice to understand your plan and the advice you receive.
Dan Maurer, CEO/Owner 303-814-2351
Open a savings account, o er extra
chores as a way to earn money, consider raising allowance to cover
more of your child’s expenses
while making them responsible
for some of their discretionary expenses (movies, snacks, etc.)
Open a checking account and deposit allowance into it, introduce debit or prepaid credit card and monitor use. By 16, encourage a part-time job and require that they earn some of the money needed to become responsible for more of their
expenses (car costs, clothing, etc.). Also, state clearly which expenses you will pay for and to what extent (e.g., cell phone, car insurance).
If in college expand allowance to cover a portion of a semesters spending, provide  nancial help only if it fuels independence.
Contact me if you’d like to meet for co ee and chat.
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