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Running Rampant?
2. Focus on your choices. Implement your power of choice on what you can actually control. Not hyper focusing on what you cannot. Focus on being resilient or kindness. Find opportunities to notice and practice these choices.
3. Give yourself some compassion - we are still in an unknown future... that causes a lot of anxiety for people. If you need help with this, talk to a trusted friend about self-compassion and run your “story” in your head by them.
4. Find a mindfulness app and use it regularly as it will help with your thoughts and feelings.
Here are a few Mindfulness apps I recommend: Calm, Head Space, Insight Timer or for those of you with a spiritual desire: Soulspace.
Finally, we all have different ways of dealing with our ‘overwhelming’ emotions. Taking the BIG step by acknowledging we are actually having these kinds of emotions is important. If we avoid them, they will persist – but only in ways we don’t want them to; then the avoidance tends to lead to bigger emotions that show up usually in a physical or behavioral way. So instead of getting caught up in a vicious cycle, slow down and notice your thoughts, what is in your control, and make choices that align with what you value.
Whatever method you choose to deal with your emotions, find a way that works best for you and be patient with yourself.. We would be happy to help. Call or click the links in our ad.
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