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Real Life
By Dan Maurer, CEO/Owner DWM Family Wealth Ltd.
I enjoy keeping things simple when appropriate. There is too much noise and quite frankly, blah, blah, blah. And that is a technical term! So, it is important to clearly understand how you are invested. There are times when stock markets both domestically and globally act very interestingly. This is when the concepts such as risk begin to make sense and may cause some anxiety.
What is most important is the risk you are taking with your investments. Not what is going on with the markets in general. The last six months has provided the means to conduct a very simple exercise to gauge the e ect of volatility on your investment portfolio. Simply compare your account values on October 31st, December 31st and March 29th.
Are you comfortable with the drop at the end of 2018? Did your portfolio rebound quickly in the  rst quarter? In most family situations, even within individual, speci c  nancial goals, taking a long- term investment perspective is most prudent. Make sure to clearly discuss this with your  nancial professional. A client entering retirement needs to look at their needs far di erently than a young married couple starting a family. Make sure that you understand your performance over the past six months and discuss your level of comfort moving forward. In my humble opinion, I would prepare for further volatility.
With over 30 years of investment experience and the son of a New York City Police O cer and Public School Teacher, I am happy to serve those who
give so much to our community and our fortunate way
oflife. All nancialplanningservicesareprovidedfree
of charge to our Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers and Retired or Active Military. Real Life Finance.
“A cup of co ee and a second opinion.”
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“Let’s meet for a cup ofco ee and a second opinion.”
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It is nice to understand your plan and the advice you receive.
Dan Maurer, CEO/Owner 303-814-2349
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