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August 2016

T hat’s right, the latest Referee and Officials news delivered to you electronically. E-Ref is your new
       electronic newsletter and will deliver to you officiating trends, rule questions, answers, interpretations,
play situations and examples all aimed at assisting
your development as a basketball official.

With every edition you will receive a preview email
showing the latest newsletter highlights of all the
goodies inside. To view the full featured interactive
on-line version just click on the link in the email.

Your E-Ref can be viewed in your web browser and
on most mobile phones. The new format will enable
video clips to play inside a newsletter topic giving you
visual examples of play situations which will help
simplify and clarify rule application.

Click on any link and you will be taken straight to an
action page (course, event registration and many

We hope you enjoy the new format and use the                              Do you know how to fill in a
articles, quiz and examples as tools to further your                        score sheet - see page 8

Welcome to the officiating team

BASKETBALL SA                    POSTAL ADDRESS                                            What’s Inside

Titanium Security Arena                            P.O. Box 29                     Referee Development Camp - October 2016
44a Crittenden Road                         Findon SA 5023                        Score Table Update - Score Sheet Simplified
Findon SA 5023
                                                                                                     Referee Profiles
CONTACTS                                      Referee Co-ordinator                          National Championships 2016
                                                Rebekka McMahon                              Merchandise, Rule questions
Officiating Development Manager                         0427 976 767
Mike Gibson                                                        Email                              Next Issue
0449 522 991
Email                                    Do you have a local referee story? Drop us a line.                                               Maybe a rule question - we will include in our next edition.

      SA COUNTRY BASKETBALL COUNCIL                                                   Development Programs SRDP & NRDP
      Stuart Macdonald           8268 8157
                                                                                                                                                  2016 - 24 Seconds
      Email Web

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