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49 Keep in mind as you follow these principles that the entire story of how one may
50 convert DESIRE into money cannot be told in one statement. The story will be
51 complete, only when one has MASTERED, ASSIMILATED, and BEGUN TO
52 MAKE USE of all the principles.
53 The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians,
54 poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative
55 imagination.
56 Both the synthetic and creative faculties of imagination become more alert with
57 use, just as any muscle or organ of the body develops through use.
58 Desire is only a thought, an impulse. It is nebulous and ephemeral. It is abstract,
59 and of no value, until it has been transformed into its physical counterpart. While
60 the synthetic imagination is the one which will be used most frequently, in the
61 process of transforming the impulse of DESIRE into money, you must keep in
62 mind the fact, that you may face circumstances and situations which demand use
63 of the creative imagination as well.
64 Your imaginative faculty may have become weak through inaction. It can be
65 revived and made alert through USE. This faculty does not die, though it may
66 become quiescent through lack of use. Center your attention, for the time being,
67 on the development of the synthetic imagination, because this is the faculty
68 which you will use more often in the process of converting desire into money.
69 Transformation of the intangible impulse, of DESIRE, into the tangible reality,
70 of MONEY, calls for the use of a plan, or plans. These plans must be formed
71 with the aid of the imagination, and mainly, with the synthetic faculty.
72 Read the entire book through, then come back to this chapter, and begin at once
73 to put your imagination to work on the building of a plan, or plans, for the trans-
74 formation of your DESIRE into money. Detailed instructions for the building of
75 plans have been given in almost every chapter. Carry out the instructions best
76 suited to your needs, reduce your plan to writing, if you have not already done
77 so. The moment you complete this, you will have DEFINITELY given concrete

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