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 161 The Old Kettle is now one of the world's largest consumers of sugar, thus
162 providing jobs of a permanent nature to thousands of men and women engaged
163 in growing sugar cane, and in refining and marketing sugar.
164 The Old Kettle consumes, annually, millions of glass bottles, providing jobs to
165 huge numbers of glass workers. The Old Kettle gives employment to an army of
166 clerks, stenographers, copy writers, and advertising experts throughout the
167 nation. It has brought fame and fortune to scores of artists who have created
168 magnificent pictures describing the product.
169 The Old Kettle has converted a small Southern city into the business capital of
170 the South, where it now benefits, directly, or indirectly, every business and
171 practically every resident of the city.
172 The influence of this idea now benefits every civilized country in the world,
173 pouring out a continuous stream of gold to all who touch it. Gold from the
174 kettle built and maintains one of the most prominent colleges of the South,
175 where thousands of young people receive the training essential for success.
176 The Old Kettle has done other marvelous things. All through the world
177 depression, when factories, banks and business houses were folding up and
178 quitting by the thousands, the owner of this Enchanted Kettle went marching
179 on, giving continuous employment to an army of men and women all over the
180 world, and paying out extra portions of gold to those who, long ago, had faith in
181 the idea. If the product of that old brass kettle could talk, it would tell thrilling
182 tales of romance in every language. Romances of love, romances of business,
183 romances of professional men and women who are daily being stimulated by it.
184 The author is sure of at least one such romance, for he was a part of it, and it all
185 began not far from the very spot on which the drug clerk purchased the old
186 kettle. It was here that the author met his wife, and it was she who first told him
187 of the Enchanted Kettle.
188 It was the product of that Kettle they were drinking when he asked her to accept
189 him "for better or worse."

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