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354 Sponsors are becoming a bit weary of buying glib selling talks, based upon
355 statements grabbed out of thin air. They want, and in the future will demand,
356 indisputable proof that the Whoosit programme not only gives millions of
357 people the silliest giggle ever, but that the silly giggler can sell merchandise!
358 Another thing that might as well be understood by those who contemplate
359 entering this new field of opportunity, radio advertising is going to be handled by
360 an entirely new group of advertising experts, separate and distinct from the old
361 time newspaper and magazine advertising agency men. The old timers in the
362 advertising game cannot read the modern radio scripts, because they have been
363 schooled to SEE ideas. The new radio technique demands men who can
364 interpret ideas from a written manuscript in terms of SOUND! It cost the author
365 a year of hard labor, and many thousands of dollars to learn this.
366 Radio, right now, is about where the moving pictures were, when Mary Pickford
367 and her curls first appeared on the screen.
368 There is plenty of room in radio for those who can produce or recognize
369 IDEAS. If the foregoing comment on the opportunities of radio has not started
370 your idea factory to work, you had better forget it. Your opportunity is in some
371 other field. If the comment intrigued you in the slightest degree, then go further
372 into it, and you may find the one IDEA you need to round out your career.
373 Never let it discourage you if you have no experience in radio. Andrew Carnegie
374 knew very little about making steel-I have Carnegie's own word for this-but he
375 made practical use of two of the principles described in this book, and made the
376 steel business yield him a fortune.
377 The story of practically every great fortune starts with the day when a creator of
378 ideas and a seller of ideas got together and worked in harmony. Carnegie
379 surrounded himself with men who could do all that he could not do. Men who
380 created ideas, and men who put ideas into operation, and made himself and the
381 others fabulously rich.

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