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318 That is the major reason why they are leaders. The world has the habit of making
319 room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is
320 going.
321 INDECISION is a habit which usually begins in youth. The habit takes on
322 permanency as the youth goes through graded school, high school, and even
323 through college, without DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE. The major weakness
324 of all educational systems is that they neither teach nor encourage the habit of
326 It would be beneficial if no college would permit the enrollment of any student,
327 unless and until the student declared his major purpose in matriculating. It would
328 be of still greater benefit, if every student who enters the graded schools were
329 compelled to accept training in the HABIT OF DECISION, and forced to pass
330 a satisfactory examination on this subject before being permitted to advance in
331 the grades.
332 The habit of INDECISION acquired because of the deficiencies of our school
333 systems, goes with the student into the occupation he chooses ... IF .. in fact, he
334 chooses his occupation. Generally, the youth just out of school seeks any job
335 that can be found. He takes the first place he finds, because he has fallen into the
336 habit of INDECISION. Ninety-eight out of every hundred people working for
337 wages today, are in the positions they hold, because they lacked the
339 the knowledge of how to choose an employer.
340 DEFINITENESS OF DECISION always requires courage, sometimes very
341 great courage. The fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence
342 staked their lives on the DECISION to affix their signatures to that document.
343 The person who reaches a DEFINITE DECISION to procure the particular
344 job, and make life pay the price he asks, does not stake his life on that decision;
345 he stakes his ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Financial independence, riches,
346 desirable business and professional positions are not within reach of the person
347 who neglects or refuses to EXPECT, PLAN, and DEMAND these things. The

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