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334 steps as a matter of habit. These are the steps by which one may control one's
335 economic destiny. They are the steps that lead to freedom and independence of
336 thought. They are the steps that lead to riches, in small or great quantities. They
337 lead the way to power, fame, and worldly recognition. They are the four steps
338 which guarantee favorable "breaks." They are the steps that convert dreams into
339 physical realities.
340 They lead, also, to the mastery of FEAR, DISCOURAGEMENT,
342 There is a magnificent reward for all who learn to take these four steps. It is the
343 privilege of writing one's own ticket, and of making Life yield whatever price is
344 asked.
345 I have no way of knowing the facts, but I venture to conjecture that Mrs. Wallis
346 Simpson's great love for a man was not accidental, nor the result of favorable
347 "breaks" alone. There was a burning desire, and careful searching at every step of
348 the way. Her first duty was to love. What is the greatest thing on earth? The
349 Master called it love-not man made rules, criticism, bitterness, slander, or
350 political "marriages," but love.
351 She knew what she wanted, not after she met the Prince of Wales, but long
352 before that. Twice when she had failed to find it, she had the courage to continue
353 her search. "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day,
354 thou canst not then be false to any man."
355 Her rise from obscurity was of the slow, progressive, PERSISTENT order, but it
356 was SURE! She triumphed over unbelievably long odds; and, no matter who you
357 are, or what you may think of Wallis Simpson, or the king who gave up his
358 Crown for her love, she is an astounding example of applied PERSISTENCE, an
359 instructor on the rules of self-determination, from whom the entire world might
360 profitably take lessons.
361 When you think of Wallis Simpson, think of one who knew what she wanted,
362 and shook the greatest empire on earth to get it. Women who complain that this

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