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137 stimulant will always send it higher. The most reliable performer apparently
138 cannot make a good score unless he tries to do his best.
139 "One conclusion that Wright draws with some confidence is that telepathy and
140 clairvoyance are really one and the same gift. That is, the faculty that 'sees' a
141 card face down on a table seems to be exactly the same one that 'reads' a
142 thought residing only in another mind. There are several grounds for believing
143 this. So far, for example, the two gifts have been found in every person who
144 enjoys either of them. In every one so far the two have been of equal vigor,
145 almost exactly. Screens, walls, distances, have no effect at all on either. Wright
146 advances from this conclusion to express what he puts forward as no more than
147 the mere 'hunch' that other extra-sensory experiences, prophetic dreams,
148 premonitions of disaster, and the like, may also prove to be part of the same
149 faculty. The reader is not asked to accept any of these conclusions unless he
150 finds it necessary, but the evidence that Rhine has piled up must remain
151 impressive."
152 In view of Dr. Rhine's announcement in connection with the conditions under
153 which the mind responds to what he terms “extra-sensory modes of perception,”
154 I now feel privileged to add to his testimony by stating that my associates and I
155 have discovered what we believe to be the ideal conditions under which the mind
156 can be stimulated so that the sixth sense described in the next chapter, can be
157 made to function in a practical way.
158 The conditions to which I refer consist of a close working alliance between
159 myself and two members of my staff. Through experimentation and practice, we
160 have discovered how to stimulate our minds (by applying the principle used in
161 connection with the "Invisible Counselors" described in the next chapter) so that
162 we can, by a process of blending our three minds into one, find the solution to a
163 great variety of personal problems which are submitted by my clients.
164 The procedure is very simple. We sit down at a conference table, clearly state the
165 nature of the problem we have under consideration, then begin discussing it.

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