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P. 256

308 Search yourself carefully as you study these six enemies, as they may exist only in
309 your subconscious mind, where their presence will be hard to detect.
310 Remember, too, as you analyze the "Six Ghosts of Fear," that they are nothing
311 but ghosts because they exist only in one's mind.
312 Remember, also, that ghosts – creations of uncontrolled imagination – have
313 caused most of the damage people have done to their own minds, therefore,
314 ghosts can be as dangerous as if they lived and walked on the earth in physical
315 bodies.
316 The Ghost of the Fear of Poverty, which seized the minds of millions of people
317 in 1929, was so real that it caused the worst business depression this country has
318 ever known. Moreover, this particular ghost still frightens some of us out of our
319 wits.

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