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 276 believe it can be traced to the age when women first began to concern
277 themselves with "styles" in wearing apparel.
278 This author, being neither a humorist nor a prophet, is inclined to attribute the
279 basic fear of criticism to that part of man's inherited nature which prompts him
280 not only to take away his fellowman's goods and wares, but to justify his action
281 by CRITICISM of his fellowman's character. It is a well-known fact that a thief
282 will criticize the man from whom he steals, that politicians seek office, not by
283 displaying their own virtues and qualifications, but by attempting to besmirch
284 their opponents.
285 The fear of criticism takes on many forms, the majority of which are petty and
286 trivial. Bald-headed men, for example, are bald for no other reason than their
287 fear of criticism. Heads become bald because of the tight fitting bands of hats
288 which cut off the circulation from the roots of the hair. Men wear hats, not
289 because they actually need them, but mainly because "everyone is doing it."
290 The individual falls into line and does likewise, lest some other individual
291 CRITICIZE him. Women seldom have bald heads, or even thin hair, because
292 they wear hats which fit their heads loosely, the only purpose of the hats being
293 adornment.
294 But, it must not be supposed that women are free from the fear of criticism. If
295 any woman claims to be superior to man with reference to this fear, ask her to
296 walk down the street wearing a hat of the vintage of 1890.
297 The astute manufacturers of clothing have not been slow to capitalize this basic
298 fear of criticism, with which all mankind has been cursed. Every season the styles
299 in many articles of wearing apparel change. Who establishes the styles? Certainly
300 not the purchaser of clothing, but the manufacturer. Why does he change the
301 styles so often? The answer is obvious. He changes the styles so he can sell more
302 clothes.
303 For the same reason the manufacturers of automobiles (with a few rare and very
304 sensible exceptions) change styles of models every season. No man wants to

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