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 775 Are you sometimes "in the clouds" and at other times in the depths of
776 despondency?
777 Who has the most inspiring influence upon you? What is the cause?
778 Do you tolerate negative or discouraging influences which you can avoid?
779 Are you careless of your personal appearance? If so, when and why?
780 Have you learned how to "drown your troubles" by being too busy to be
781 annoyed by them?
782 Would you call yourself a "spineless weakling" if you permitted others to do your
783 thinking for you?
784 Do you neglect internal bathing until auto-intoxication makes you ill-tempered
785 and irritable?
786 How many preventable disturbances annoy you, and why do you tolerate them?
787 Do you resort to liquor, narcotics, or cigarettes to "quiet your nerves"? If so, why
788 do you not try will-power instead?
789 Does anyone "nag" you, and if so, for what reason?
790 Do you have a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE, and if so, what is it, and what
791 plan have you for achieving it?
792 Do you suffer from any of the Six Basic Fears? If so, which ones?
793 Have you a method by which you can shield yourself against the negative
794 influence of others?
795 Do you make deliberate use of auto-suggestion to make your mind positive?
796 Which do you value most, your material possessions, or your privilege of
797 controlling your own thoughts?

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