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364 Before you read the next chapter, I want you to know that it conveys factual
365 information which might easily change your entire financial destiny, as it has so
366 definitely brought changes of stupendous proportions to two people described.
367 I want you to know, also, that the relationship between these two men and
368 myself, is such that I could have taken no liberties with the facts, even if I had
369 wished to do so. One of them has been my closest personal friend for almost
370 twenty-five years, the other is my own son. The unusual success of these two
371 men, success which they generously accredit to the principle described in the
372 next chapter, more than justifies this personal reference as a means of
373 emphasizing the far- flung power of this principle.
374 Almost fifteen years ago, I delivered the Commencement Address at Salem
375 College, Salem, West Virginia. I emphasized the principle described in the next
376 chapter, with so much intensity that one of the members of the graduating class
377 definitely appropriated it, and made it a part of his own philosophy. The young
378 man is now a Member of Congress, and an important factor in the present
379 administration. Just before this book went to the publisher, he wrote me a letter
380 in which he so clearly stated his opinion of the principle outlined in the next
381 chapter, that I have chosen to publish his letter as an introduction to that
382 chapter. It gives you an idea of the rewards to come.
383 "My dear Napoleon:
384 "My service as a Member of Congress having given me an insight into the
385 problems of men and women, I am writing to offer a suggestion which may
386 become helpful to thousands of worthy people.
387 "With apologies, I must state that the suggestion, if acted upon, will mean several
388 years of labor and responsibility for you, but I am en-heartened to make the
389 suggestion, because I know your great love for rendering useful service.
390 "In 1922, you delivered the Commencement address at Salem College, when I
391 was a member' of the graduating class. In that address, you planted in my mind
392 an idea which has been responsible for the opportunity I now have to serve the

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