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 53 mixed with any thought impulse, give it greater action than any of these
54 emotions can do singly.
55 Not only thought impulses which have been mixed with FAITH, but those
56 which have been mixed with any of the positive emotions, or any of the negative
57 emotions, may reach, and influence the subconscious mind.
58 From this statement, you will understand that the subconscious mind will trans-
59 late into its physical equivalent, a thought impulse of a negative or destructive
60 nature, just as readily as it will act upon thought impulses of a positive or
61 constructive nature. This accounts for the strange phenomenon which so many
62 millions of people experience, referred to as "misfortune," or "bad luck." There
63 are millions of people who BELIEVE themselves "doomed" to poverty and
64 failure, because of some strange force over which they BELIEVE they have no
65 control. They are the creators of their own "misfortunes," because of this
66 negative BELIEF, which is picked up by the subconscious mind, and translated
67 into its physical equivalent.
68 This is an appropriate place at which to suggest again that you may benefit, by
69 passing on to your subconscious mind, any DESIRE which you wish translated
70 into its physical, or monetary equivalent, in a state of expectancy or BELIEF that
71 the transmutation will actually take place. Your BELIEF, or FAITH, is the
72 element which determines the action of your subconscious mind. There is
73 nothing to hinder you from "deceiving" your subconscious mind when giving it
74 instructions through autosuggestion, as I deceived my son's subconscious mind.
75 To make this "deceit" more realistic, conduct yourself just as you would, if you
77 YOU ARE DEMANDING, when you call upon your subconscious mind.
78 The subconscious mind will transmute into its physical equivalent, by the most
79 direct and practical media available, any order which is given to it in a state of
80 BELIEF, or FAITH that the order will be carried out.

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