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More than 5,000 items are available to invigorate the epicurean imagination from European Imports. Be it ingredients for from scratch preparations or time and labor saving ready-to-serve solutions, there is something for everyone. The artisanal products offered add value to menus and retail shelves a like. Enjoy the flavors of the world, brought to your door by European Imports, a Sysco Specialty company.
Whether as an ingredient or simply served by itself, the vast selection of cheese available through European Imports will overwhelm and amaze. From around the world, to small farms right here at home, there is something for everyone. Fresh and delicate cheeses are flown in from Europe, while enormous wheels and interesting rare cheeses are packed into sailing vessels and brought to our doors. Working closely with small farms and boutique creameries and carrying renowned and established names in America, too, we offer the very best.

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