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cause to KEEP YOUR GUARD UP! Our comprehensive program at LEAP2Retire, Inc. is designed to teach people about retirement and the various issues that con- front each person as they make their solo journey into retirement. LEAP stands for: Longevity-Edu-
We are forever learning as we go through this process, since family dynamics, personal desires and amounts involved can be infi- nitely different. However, the pat- terns we see in personal behavior and decisions of our clients make our experience very helpful to
Michael Callahan and Steve Til- lona are available for any questions that may arise as you make this journey. You may contact us at:
Michael Callahan, President LEAP2Retire, Inc. 860-370-2270
  Immersive Escape Room Experiences!!
   Use code SOUTHINGTON10 for 10% off! Always private bookings – fun with your
friends, family, coworkers Factory Square • 168 Center Street Southington, CT

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