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 children ride in the back seat of a vehicle until they reach thirteen years of age. If the operator of the motor vehicle is under eighteen years of age, the operator and every passenger within the vehicle must wear a seat safety belt while the vehicle is being operated.
Statistics show that as much as eighty-five percent of car seats may be improperly installed. Some of the primary issues here tend to involve harness straps that are too loose, improperly placed retainer clips, and car seats that are too loosely fitted to the seat of the vehicle. Fortunately, there are fitting stations across Connecticut. Most of these stations are at local police or fire departments.
The Southington Police Department serves as our local fitting station. Certified child passenger safety seat officers are available to inspect any car seat and its installation and to teach proper car seat installation. Appointments can be made by contacting Officer Chad Butler via telephone at (860) 378-1694 or via email at Cbutler@ Additional assistance may
be available evenings and weekends by contacting the Southington Police Department at (860) 378- 1600.
The Southington Police Department also holds a few car seat clinics per year where people can meet off-site for this valuable community service. According to Officer Butler, one of these clinics will be held during this year’s upcoming Child Passenger Safety Week -- with the details to be announced soon.
Any operator of a motor vehicle, who is eighteen

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