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Where IS It ?
          How would you like to win $25, $50 even $100? Now you can! Tell us where these images are in town and you win... that simple!
   1Guess and win $100
The Rules
1. To enter the contest go to our website, RDSMe- and click on “Where is it.” Click on Southington and enter the contest. You may also enter by mail at: RDS Media, P.O. Box 828, South- ington, CT 06489.
2. One winner per photo will be drawn randomly from all correct entries.
3. Only one winner per photo will be chosen.
4. No winner is allowed to win more than one cor- rect guess, regardless of the number of correct
answers provided.
5. All entries must be submitted no later than Octo-
ber 15, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
6. A random drawing will be held on October 31,
2Guess and 3Guess and
   win $50
win $25
2019. Winners need not be present to win.
7. Winning answers must not be vague. You must de- scribe the photo location to the best of your abil- ity, using names of main streets, cross streets, intersections and / or obvious landmarks to refer-
ence your answers.
8. Southington Magazine reserves the right to name
the correct winner who most accurately describes
the photo location.
9. If you are a winner, you must consent to having
your photo taken when we present you with a win-
ning check. It will appear in the next issue.
10. If you have already won our contest in the past
180 days, you are not eligible to win.
Good luck and start guessing today!
 To enter email or
mail to RDS Media, P. O. Box 828, Southington, CT 06489
*A total of $175 will be paid to three (3) separate winners drawn randomly from all correct online entries.

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